East Lansing Citizens School Forum


The goals of the East Lansing Citizens School Forum are as follows:


• To increase voter awareness of the nuances of the bond proposal on the Feb. 28th ballot.


• To facilitate productive dialogue that leads to an alternative solution that is in the best interest of our community as a whole.


The East Lansing Citizens School Forum convened on January 5, 2012, to consider the controversial school bond proposal slated for the Feb. 28 ballot, proposed bond expenditures, and possible alternatives for our community.  The event provided a venue for public consideration of key concerns with the current bond proposal and integration of broad community input toward the development of a successful solution for East Lansing.  This report  represents a summary of the information and recommendations developed as a result of this dialogue.


East Lansing voters have a proven track record of being informed and savvy enough to support investments in education without approving every proposal put forth for a vote.  This forum is both a reflection of and a respectful recognition of East Lansing voter awareness. 


The EL Citizens School Forums recommends a NO vote NO on Feb. 28.  Rejecting this bond proposal will allow for development of a quality spending plan for our school district.  A better proposal, supported by community consensus, based on sound, objective information that addresses student achievement is what East Lansing needs and deserves.



















Click here to download the EL Citizens School form report.


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